Not All Who Wander

S01E02: Mission of Mercy

Sometimes you get more than you bargained for.

Having received a wave from an old friend, Sebastian proposes that, since they’re along for the ride anyway, the three new potential crewmembers might as well be in on the money-making part of the show. Not having any other plans or schemes of their own, Atticus “Addy” Tuttle, Kwon Lo Shi, and Evelyn Tsun agreed.

Once planetside to meet their contact for the job, Sebastian complained of several ailments acting up and asked that the crew go to the meet in his stead. Addy would handle negotiations, Evelyn would handle any tech-speak, and Lo Shi would keep them safe.

Arriving at the small warehouse, the trio were let in where they met the contact, flanked by two guards of his own, sitting at a table in the middle of it all. He eyed the three and asked that they have a seat, just a bottle of whiskey on the table between them. Kwon decided to stand. As it turned out, the contact owned several trade ships and one of them was stranded not far from the planet Godforsaken and he needed another crew to make the trip out there, deliver the part, and get his crew on their way.

Addy quickly slipped into negotiation mode, offering the contact a cigar. Not the finest cigars in the ‘verse, from Godforsaken in fact, but the gesture was taken as it was intended which skewed the talk in the crew’s favor. The contact when up in the compensation amount for the job, whiskey was drunk to seal the deal, and the crew was on their way with the needed part.

After making the trip to the coordinates that the crew was given, they found the ship unresponsive and spinning at a good rate. The only way to get over there would be to pilot the ship to keep up with the spinning ship while the ship’s airlock was put into place.

Atticus attempted to get the airlock sealed on the other ship, but it wasn’t perfect, which meant that the crew would have to put on space-suits to make it over. The entire crew suited up, made it over to the other ship successfully and entered their airlock, where the crew was immediately fired upon.

Kwon stepped up and subdued the two attackers with little issue. Addy tied them up and the three broke up to explore the ship and get an idea of what was going on.

While the other two found no one, Evelyn discovered the engine room had been locked and was being guarded by one man. A quick throw of her trusty wrench later and the guard was unconscious and it took only moments to unlock the door and open it. Inside was the entire crew of the ship. They’d thought that the men who boarded were the rescue team with the part and let them in without any hassle, only to be taken prisoner on their own ship.

Addy in the cockpit picked up on an incoming transmission from an approaching ship asking for one of the boarders. Kwon was able to tell that it was a small, fast-attack ship, possibly armed. It was decided that they’d allow the boarders to free themselves and answer their shipmates on the other ship. Everyone hid, Atticus following the boarders’ every move using his ghost-suit just steps behind them.

When another three boarders entered from the airlock, the crew was ready for them. Guns were pointed, but cooler heads took control. Atticus made them an offer that they couldn’t refuse – give up the ship and he’d cut them in on a deal here and there that would dwarf whatever they could salvage off of their prize there…and they would get to live.

After some brief negotiation, the boarders accepted the deal and left, leaving Evelyn to install the engine part and get the crew moving again.

Job well done and they’d even managed to create a new asset out of the deal.



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