Not All Who Wander

S01E04: The Young Lord, Part 1

The Rabbit Race

Sebastian gets word from an old contact – a Lord Winterbourne – with a job. Transport the lord’s son Xavier and his heard to a mid-rim moon to start his own business, train him in the skills that he may need on the way, and accompany him to the negotiations with the local nobles.

The money was right and after discussing it with the rest of the crew – Atticus, Evelyn, and Lo Shi – they accepted the job.

As it turns out, the “herd” was not cattle as one would think, but in rabbits, which were immediately packed aboard in uncountable cages in the cargo hold.

Following shortly thereafter was the young lord himself – Xavier Winterbourne – and his assistant Gregory. Xavier immediately talked down to the crew and treated them as mere peasants in his presence. Gregory, though, was happy to serve any who needed him.

After a trip to the engine room with Evelyn to show him what several of his chores while aboard would be, he returned to the dining table, sat down, and immediately and humbly apologized for his treatment of the crew. The way in which he treated them was all that he knew. He had always gotten everything that he wanted and he figured out in the brief engine room stint that he was lacking in the skills that he would need to survive as a businessman and bowed to their knowledge. He would do whatever they wished in order to learn what he needed to in order to succeed and make his father proud.

There did appear to be a slight catch, though. Addy, upon hearing the Winterbourne name and seeing the man, knew that he knew him from somewhere. It wasn’t until the ship was in the black that he realized that he’d done business with Winterbourne years ago. The lord was trying to smuggle something and came to Atticus for assistance. Addy set him up with a way of smuggling items within the human body using a kind of flesh pocket. Winterbourne then sent his sister-in-law as the first to try out the pocket. Unbeknownst to Addy, the small items that Winterbourne was smuggling were packets of chemicals…and this one in particular reacted badly with body heat. The result was that Winterbourne’s sister-in-law died. So why did Winterbourne select this crew for this job, knowing that Addy was specifically aboard? Did he have a grudging respect for Tuttle or was it some kind of revenge plot?

Whatever the case might be, the crew set about doing their job and teaching the boy what skills that they could on the two week trip. Kwon taught him, not so much how to fight but how to basically defend himself without the sword and how to best work with bodyguards as they did the main defending for him. Evelyn taught him a bit about engines – enough to do very basic maintenance and get him by with understanding what the various parts were. It was Addy’s job to teach the boy to sell his product and to convince the nobles that he would contact that rabbits were the thing to buy.

The trip goes on with Xavier in charge of cleaning the rabbit cages as well as a multitude of menial tasks around the ship.

Closing in on the destination moon, the episode ends, to be continued…



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