Not All Who Wander

S01E03: Double Identity

Wherein an old client of Kwon's shows up unexpectedly

Having just completed a job and earned a nice amount of money, it was unanimously decided by the crew that some rest and recreation was in order. Stopping on a nearby planet, a bar wasn’t difficult to find. On the first night, Atticus had a little too much to drink and paid for it the next night, leaving Evelyn, Lo Shi, and Sebastian to keep the celebration going. Beside of a man getting a little handsy with Evelyn, a problem that Kwon averted with some pleasant reasoning, things were at least briefly quiet for the crew.

About to indulge in the next round, Kwon saw a flash of a familiar face dart through the crowd. Following up on it, he saw that it was indeed an old client of his – Amanda Cole. Amanda had been involved with a bad man, had seen too much, and a black mark was put out on her head. Kwon was able to protect her long enough to get a new identity for her in place, helping her disappear. The look on her face at the bar, though, was not one of security.

Lo Shi excused himself, with Evelyn following along out of curiosity, leaving Seb to finish their whisky.

Watching from a distance, they saw Amanda in a heated discussion with a man at a corner table and her expression of desperation wasn’t changing. Accidentally knocking a glass out of another patron’s hand, it made enough noise even in the crowded venue that Amanda noticed and didn’t turn tail when Kwon and Evelyn approached her.

At first Amanda though that Kwon was there to kill her, but after he explained that the crew that he was with was just passing through by chance, she calmed down and explained what she was doing there. Her ship was an older model that required a lot of maintenance to keep it going and she needed to keep going because she was always just a step or two ahead of those trying to collect on that black mark. Her engine had problems and she had no choice but to set down and try to get repairs. No one would take it for her.

Evelyn offered to take a look and when the trio made it to the ship and inspected it, they saw that the part indeed couldn’t be repaired – a replacement was needed. The planet that they were on was very industrial, so availability wasn’t the problem – it was the price and none of them could afford it, even after the score.

Amanda explained that this planet, out on the rim, had a data node facility that could be used to reinforce her present identity and make it easier for her to stay ahead of her mark. Neither Kwon nor Evelyn was very enthusiastic about the idea (Kwon because a hacker never likes to to into the belly of the beast and Evelyn because she was still loyal to the Alliance who were the owners of that facility.

After some discussion, it was decided that the node was probably the best route. It wasn’t a huge facility, but it was protected by Alliance personnel. Rather than sneaking in, Evelyn decided to use her pull as a hero of the war to talk their way past the guards and do as little collateral damage as possible.

The first set of guards were bypassed by bringing up the name of Admiral Wellington, that Evelyn’s quick thinking and heroism had saved, and explained that they were doing an inspection by the Admiral’s order and they could take it up with him if they had a problem with it. That got them through the first checkpoint. When they were questioned by more guards once inside, who weren’t buying the unscheduled inspection, Kwon brought out the orders that the Admiral had issued for the inspection (that he’d forged for just this occasion), which was enough to get them past the others. Once in the node, the hack wasn’t difficult and they were able to not only reinforce Amanda’s identity, but also get the needed part routed to her ship with a hacked payment.

Getting out of the facility was far easier than entering and they were back at Amanda’s ship in no time. Evelyn installed the part and Kwon briefed her on what he’d done and with a hearty thank you, they parted ways.

Kwon hoped to never see Amanda Cole, er, this unidentified woman, ever again.



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