Sebastian "Seb" Falk

An old trader who's seen a thing or two in his travels

Mental d8 Physical d6 Social d10
Craft d4 Know (Culture) d8 Sneak d4
Drive d6 Labor d4 Survive d4
Fight d4 Move d4 Throw d4
Fix d4 Notice d6 Treat d4
Fly (Transport) d8 Operate d4 Trick d6
Focus d6 Perform d4
Influence (Fair Deal) d6 Shoot d4

Goodwill Ambassador
- Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
- Talking Points: If an ally or associate fails a roll involving their Social Attribute in your presence, step up or double your Attribute on your next die roll.

Code of Honor
- Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
- Honor Demands It: Gain 1 PP when you act against your best interests because of your code or make a show of satisfying your honor.

- Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.

Sterling Reputation d8


Sebastian Falk’s beginnings were somewhere around the norm. His father was a laborer for a shipping corporation, while his mother was a local peacekeeper, living in the Core Worlds. Between the upbringing of both of his parents, he learned to work hard at whatever he set his mind to and to try to set his mind to things that helped others. While his mother was happy to let him find his own way, Seb’s father wanted him to have an easier life than they did; he wanted the boy to become a doctor, a nurse, or a businessman. But like the comet that passed by his world on the day that he was born, that would travel the ‘Verse and not return for a very long time, he had a wanderlust. And a hankering for wandering doesn’t give a man much opportunity for the advanced schools of medicine or business. At least not the kind of business that allowed someone to wear a suit everyday.

While Sebastian stayed in school, as soon as he was able to get a job he got one. It wasn’t anything to talk about – washing pots and pans and bowls in the back of a bakery – but it was honest work and it made him some money. He stashed it away in a large jar that he hid in the closet in his room at home and he never spent a bit of it. This wasn’t spending money – this was making-a-future money.

The time seemed to fly and before he or his parents knew it, he’d hit the age of maturity. The night of his birthday, he invited his parents to the dinner table and placed his money jar on it, a triumphant look to his face. His father was furious at the notion that his son’s greatest wish was to become an unskilled vagabond and smashed the jar on the ground. His mother held her husband back, but the youth could tell by the look in her eyes that she, too, was disappointed. He really didn’t see the purpose in sticking around, so he picked his money up off the ground, gathered a few belongings that he could stash in a backpack, and left.

Now, doing the grunt work in a bakery doesn’t make you a whole lot, even if you save it up for years at a time, so Seb found himself homeless with little idea of where to go or how to live. All he knew was that his future wasn’t in the Core Worlds. Beyond that, he had some figuring out to do.

Step one, he knew, was to get the heck into space and for that he needed to get on a ship. Now, his mother had brought him up respecting the law so there was no way that he would become a stowaway. The best that he could do was hang out in the local starport and see who was in need of a determined worker.

The problem with hanging out, wandering around a starport is that two things are likely to happen to you. You’ll either be rousted by ship owners and made to scurry or beat to an inch of your life if they think that you’re up to no good with their livelihood. Luckily, the captain of the Weathering Glory found the young man’s curiosity amusing and took him aboard as the ship’s cook. And with that, he’d signed aboard a trading vessel – the first stepping stone in his career.

While he never did get involved directly in the deals, being the ship’s cook allowed him to be present during negotiations when handshakes and whiskey closed deals. Sometimes a contract was even involved. The bottom line was that everyone made out in the end. The crew was paid and someone in need of goods got it at a, usually, fair price.

As time went on, the faces of the crew changed regularly with only Sebastian and the captain remaining shipboard constants. And with time came trust and with trust came training. And that training meant that he learned more ropes of the trading business than he knew existed. A mentor can, oftentimes, make quite the difference.

It didn’t take Seb long to figure out that when a deal is good for everyone, things tend to go more smoothly so, even as he left his mentor to captain his own ship and trading crew, he earned a reputation for straight dealing. He didn’t sell defective wares for profit. He didn’t leave out details or small print of a trade. And he absolutely refused to sell weapons to anyone. Trader he was, but arms dealer he wasn’t.

The years went by and he worked with several crews. Mostly the reason for moving on was plain greed on the part of the crew. While other crews were doing the same trades, they were making less. No matter how much Sebastian told them that they’d still be doing fine with cleaner consciences than those other crews, the money was apparently too good in most cases. But this trader would not be swayed from his ways. A good deal was good for all. The hard part became not getting taken advantage of himself and getting to that sweet spot where everyone profited.

By the time that the Unification War rolled around, Falk was an old man who had been from one end of the ‘Verse to the other more times than he could count. His reputation was golden. During the War, he still didn’t sell weapons, though truth be told he saw what the Browncoats were fighting for and saw the wisdom of it. What he did sell was food and medical supplies to both sides. Whatever hit to his reputation as a trader it may have given him, he simply saw it as lessening the suffering around him.

When the War ended badly for the Browncoat rebels, he did his first bit of smuggling in his career moving the families of high-profile rebel officers and political figures to other places in the ‘Verse where they couldn’t be found and persecuted by the victorious Alliance.

By the time that 2517 rolls around, Seb is still a good trader with a good rep, but he’s getting on in years and it’s starting to take its toll.

Sebastian "Seb" Falk

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