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The ‘Verse can be a cold place, filled with nothin’ but misery and sorrow. It ain’t that long ago that war was everybody’s business and business, as they say, was good. Such times can bring out the best in folks and the worst, but mostly worst from what I’ve seen. A kind and good man or woman can become cruel or cowardly real easy when the bullets start to flyin’.

It’s amazin’, though, how findin’ a few folks who ya’ trust, or at least know don’t want to kill ya’ right quick, makes all that black a little more invitin’ and tolerable like. In my time, I’ve learned that words like “family” and “home” don’t mean what we’re taught they mean. You find yourself a good ship and a good crew – and don’t get me wrong, such a thing t’ain’t easy – and you’ll figure it out.

- Sebastian Falk: trader, traveler, and all-around knowledgeable fella’

Find a crew. Find a job. Keep flyin’.

Home Page

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